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Helping you Find More Crypto Hidden Gems!

Hidden Gems

Before we get into our Social Media Profiles and our Goals with our Social Platforms...

I want to go over the "BIG PICTURE" with what we are trying to accomplish with our Online Presence and our FREE & PREMIUM Groups & Online Courses.

Our #1 GOAL is and ALWAYS will be is this:

  1. Finding HIDDEN GEMS in the Crypto Space.

Some of these Hidden Gems can be found in the Top 100 Assets, some we have to dig a bit deeper. Sure, we teach "Introduction to Cryptocurrency",  "Introduction to Trading, Charting, Portfolio Building and Allocation Plans", Charting & using Indicators to make Winning Trades... But the REAL "HOLY GRAIL" is and always will be, is FINDING Crypto "HIDDEN GEMS". It is these little under the radar or lesser know assets that make an ALTSEASON in Crypto a "Life Changing" Event versus a... "Yea, It was Good. I made 50% on 1 Coin I bought".

I Trade Options (BITO, BITX, BITI, SBIT etc) so having 100% Wins is really pretty common.

I am hype focused on cryptocurrency trading and investing because of the VERY REAL possibility of regular 10X plays, 1000X plays and more.

Even since September 2023, I have had many trades that have been 40X, 50X and AIOZ has been a 74X investment if you look at my entry to HIGH. And I make a habit of Skimming the Tops (10 to 20% depending). But when an asset hits an all-time high... most likely it has gotten overheated and will cool and retrace a bit. I use the Skimming the Tops to add more at cheaper levels.

The FALL (Sept. to Nov.) leading up to Bitcoin Halving is particularly productive for that process. And the beauty of Hidden Gems in Crypto, is that if you TRADE them RIGHT... You can actually BUILD pretty Solid Long Term HODL Positions that are quite frankly cheap or almost free. (Def: HODL -  Hold spelled wrong? Or "Hold On for Dear Life")

Right NOW my ALEPH Position was built with 66% Profit. Meaning that my CURRENT Holdings (as of 4/26/2024) is 66% FREE. I could sell the top 34% of that position and I would be HOLDING a COMPLETELY FREE Position. And a pretty healthy position at that.

So our GOAL with this Site and our Groups, "Shared Services" Members, Trading Education and Online Courses is NOT your RUN of the Mill "Low Level" members group.

Not a low quality discord or other waste of money.

My Goal is to Teach you a LOW STRESS Method of Setting Up and Growing a High ROI Cryptocurrency Portfolio TODAY and then ALSO Prepare you for the next 2 or 3 Bitcoin Halving Events and then...

Maybe we ALL Call it Quits! WHY? Cause we can! SIMPLE.

You do this stuff right for 2 Halving Events, if you can start with 5-10K, more is better). But with that STARTING Point properly executed,  It pretty quickly becomes "Island Time".

So Get PLUGGED in and Let's Get After It. We make ZERO Promises here as this is NOT directly FINANCIAL ADVICE. It is Teaching you "HOW" to become a Successful Cryptocurrency Trader and Investor. And our content is the CORE.

For me... I am doing the same thing that I preach. So follow along on my Journey and Let's Have Some FUN and Get One Step CLOSER to "ISLAND TIME".

Let's jump into the Social Profiles and our Goals with our Social Media Outreach program. Thanks for visiting the website and SIGN UP for our FREE Newsletter.

Once you REGISTER, you will get NOTIFIED of any NEW Articles that we POST and we also include a FREE 30 Day EMAIL Training that gives you the GIST of everything we do here at

On to the SOCIAL MEDIA Profile!

🌟's Goals with our Social Media Profiles:

Welcome to's Social Media Space!

Our mission here is to connect with you, our valued community, on a deeper level.

Through engaging content, insightful discussions, & meaningful interactions, we aim to:

  1. Inform: Keep you updated with the latest trends, news, and insights relevant to the Crypto Industry.
  2. Inspire: Motivate & inspire you with news, charts, tips, and ideas to help you achieve your financial goals and aspirations using cryptocurrencies as the vehicle.
  3. Engage: Foster a vibrant community where everyone feels heard, valued, and encouraged to share their thoughts, experiences, and feedback.
  4. Educate: Provide valuable resources, guides, and tutorials to empower you with knowledge and skills to navigate the crypto landscape confidently.
  5. Entertain: Delight and entertain you with entertaining and enjoyable content that brings a smile to your face. (ALWAYS!)

Join us on this journey as we strive to create meaningful connections, spark conversations, and make a positive impact together!

Your support and engagement mean the world to us.

Let's make every interaction count! 🚀

Helping you Find More Crypto Hidden Gems!

Our Social Profiles: (URLS)

  • StockTwits: @DJamoney & @CryptoJamzUSA (Coming Soon)
  • X: (formerly Twitter) @CryptoJamzUSA
  • YouTube Channel: @CryptoJamzUSA
  • Instagram: @CryptoJamzUSA
  • CoinMarketCap Profile: /community/profile/djamoney_cryptojamz/
  • Facebook Page & Group: Page > /CryptoJamzUSA/ Group > CryptoJamzUSA_Group

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Helping you Find More Crypto Hidden Gems!

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