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I started following David on StockTwits and then joined one of the Discords that he was a Technical Analyst in.

All I had to do was follow him and his Momentum Plays and I quickly doubled my account.

Way Too Easy. First thing I do everyday is check his posts.

Sarah J

Enthusiast (Newbie)

David shared his Tradingview referral link with me and I thought that was it. 

I asked him a few questions and the next thing I knew, he had shared his Indicator setups, custom indicators and even his personal watchlists with me.

Very Generous with his time.

Mike T.


I was part of a Discord that Dave was part of. He was one of the Chart & Setup Technicians.

He had shared a ton of his stuff in the discord knowledgebase. Then I started looking at his hidden crypto gem watchlist and grabbed some AIOZ that I saw... It is up 74X now!

Lisa B.


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