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Riding the Massive Waves of the Meme Coin Craze in 2024-25


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Riding the Waves of the "Meme Coin" Craze in 2024 & 2025

By: David Jamison, aka "Djamoney" on StockTwits.com / CryptoJamz.com

Following the "OPEN LANE" | The Meme Coin Narrative!

Are you in SEARCH of 1000X ROI Opportunities?

Read on...

So for the BENEFIT of our Subscribers…

I am going to do a DOWN and DIRTY Blog Post on the MEME Coin Crypto Narrative for this Bull Cycle.

Between PORTFOLIO Juggling and “Optimizing” Positions along with TESTING and REFINING a NEW Meme Coin / "Shyte" Coin / MASSIVE ROI System I have not had the time to PUBLISH a NEW Article. 

And I had said that I was going to do an ARTICLE on Meme Coins.

So for the benefit of my Subscribers & Followers I am going to do a DOWN & DIRTY Version.

I apologize for the lack of explanation, but I did want to get the COINS I am stacking up so you all are aware and can make your own decisions as to what you might want to do.

So to start let’s get a LIST of the Memecoins of interest:

  • BONK
  • TURBO (As of writing, UP 1341% (and that is after a significant DIP) on UPHOLD
  • WIF
  • MYRO
  • PEPE (Original)
  • CWIF
  • ANDY on Sol
  • ANDY on Base
  • PEPE on Sol
  • BRETT on Base
  • BASED USA on Base
  • MOG
  • BOE

    I would use CryptoBubbles.net to evaluate deeper as to your allocations.

    For the Memes that are not in the Top 1000 I would evaluate on Dexscreener.com as well as Dextools.io or CoinScan.com

    My Largest MEME Position is BONK and TURBO is 2nd.

The Profit I have realized on both is large, but the Profit from TURBO in the LAST 5 Weeks is nothing SHORT of Massive.

My next position that I am aggressively adding is CWIF (CatWifHat on Solana)

My next favorite is WIF and I also think that PONKE may have some REAL Upside.

On another note, we have been testing and refining a system buying MEMES on Solflare.com (Solana Wallet) using DexScreener.com and the other tools mentioned above. (Doing a Post on this in the next 1 to 2 Weeks)

This system has helped me find a few of the ones above and some of those I do move in and out of to MAXIMIZE Profits as they can go UP Hundreds of Percent in 1 Day and of course give 80% of it back and then do a FULL Rinse and Repeat.

A few will stick, most will DIE a Fast Death.

It is FAST and FURIOUS and Highly Volatile. Proceed with Caution.

We are working on a SCREENER and using BOTS to maximize profits and reduce losses.

*** I am doing 10 at a time and I will have 1 or 2 that are losers and I exit quickly, 6 or 7 that are a wash and 1 that absolutely RIPS ***

An example of the “RIPPERS” was experienced yesterday. My BIGGEST 1 Day Win on Solflare.com yet.

I entered PEPE GOLD at about 4:00 pm EST on 5/31/2024 and had exited by about 5:30 pm

Meme Coin Craze

I started with a very small entry to TEST the waters and then quickly added another WHOPPING $64 for a Total of $84 and went on to have an $84 to $597 Win.

I could have easily committed $840 or even $8400 to the Trade…Think about the PROFITS there!

But I am still getting my MIND Wrapped around this LOTTERY / SLOT MACHINE Trading System.

Preservation of Capital is the 2nd MOST Important Element of Investing. PROFIT / ROI #1, Not LOSING is #2.
You could easily FLIP FLOP those 2.
So back to MEMES at large for this BULL CYCLE.

When I really started GETTING Serious about the Bitcoin Halving Cycle in August of 2023, I had already made my NARRATIVE declarations:

Crypto Narratives:

  • A.I. Narrative
  • RWA Narrative
  • Meme Coin Narrative

The Crypto Narratives have been FLIPPED on their Heads since December.

Meme Coins are NOW Officially #1, RWA #2 (Pay attention to $ONDO.X) and A.I. #3.

Now don’t sell A.I. Short or ignore it. (FET, RNDER, GPU, DEAI, NMT, AKT and more) They will have their Day in the Sun here very soon.

Memes will easily become 25% of my total portfolio before my STACKING is over.

Why has the Meme Coin Craze been so hot this Bitcoin Halving Cycle?

The meme coin craze during this Bitcoin halving cycle can be attributed to several factors:

Market Sentiment and Speculation:

Retail Investor Participation:

Meme coins attract a large number of retail investors who are drawn by the possibility of high returns in a short period. These investors often participate based on hype and social media trends rather than fundamental analysis.

Speculative Nature:

The speculative nature of meme coins, often driven by social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok, fuels rapid price increases. Memes and viral marketing can create a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effect.

Low Entry Barriers:

Affordable Investment:

Many meme coins are priced very low per unit, making them accessible to a wide range of investors. This low entry barrier encourages more people to invest small amounts, leading to widespread adoption and trading volume.

Ease of Creation:

The ease with which new meme coins can be created on blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain has led to a proliferation of these coins.
Community and Culture:

Strong Communities:

Meme coins often build strong, engaged communities that promote the coin enthusiastically. This community support can sustain and even boost the coin's price through coordinated buying and holding efforts.

Cultural Appeal:

Meme coins often tap into popular culture and internet trends, making them appealing and relatable to a broad audience.

Celebrity Endorsements and Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Impact:

Endorsements and promotions by celebrities and influencers can significantly boost a meme coin’s visibility and perceived value. Figures like Elon Musk have famously impacted the prices of meme coins like Dogecoin.
Media Coverage: The media often covers these endorsements, further amplifying their impact and bringing in more investors.

Economic and Market Conditions:

Excess Liquidity:

With more liquidity in the market, investors may be more willing to take risks on speculative assets like meme coins.

Post-Halving Dynamics:

Bitcoin halvings typically lead to bullish market conditions for cryptocurrencies. This overall positive market sentiment can spill over into more speculative investments like meme coins.

Technological Innovations:

Decentralized Finance (DeFi):

The rise of DeFi platforms has made it easier for investors to trade and stake meme coins, providing additional incentives to hold and trade these assets.

Improved Access:

Innovations in crypto exchanges and trading platforms have made it easier for investors to buy and sell meme coins, increasing their popularity.

The combination of these factors has created a fertile environment for the meme coin craze to thrive during this Bitcoin halving cycle. Investors should, however, exercise caution, as the high volatility and speculative nature of meme coins can lead to significant risks.

So let’s wrap things up here.

I do want to REMIND you all that my PUBLISHED Portfolios have changed a bit over the last 4 to 6 weeks with the market shift. And as we HIT Bitcoin’s next PUSH UP things will change again.

And as Bitcoin Dominance drops after that PHASE Altcoins will REALLY, REALLY Heat Up.

So remember, PORTFOLIOS do NOT stay STATIC over the ENTIRE Bull Cycle. They are FLUID and you always have to FOLLOW the OPEN LANE.

Moving Dollars for weaker performers into the HOT performers.

The ONE thing that I would REALLY EMPHASIZE is that you FOLLOW the Market, the Hype and the Money.

Never get LOCKED into something you LOVE as the Crypto Market is very different than the Stock Market.

It is driven by attention, interest, future adoption and BIG Money Influence. Venture Capital Firms and Whales really dictate the MOVEMENT of the Market.

All we do is RIDE their Wakes. Think of us all as Crypto Surfers!

Getting in position looking for the Right Setups to RIDE the Wave of a Lifetime!

Good Luck and Stay Tuned for More…

Meme Coin Craze

BONUS CONTENT: (Use at your own Risk)

To maximize profits using the SolFlare Solana Wallet and finding high ROI potential meme coins on platforms like Dexscreener.com or Dextools.io, you can follow these steps:

Using SolFlare Solana Wallet

  1. Setup and Secure Your Wallet:

    • Download and Install SolFlare: SolFlare is available as a web app, browser extension, and mobile app. For full functionality, use the browser extension.
    • Create a New Wallet: Follow the steps to create a new wallet or import an existing one. Secure your secret recovery phrase and create a strong passcode.
    • Add Funds: Transfer SOL to your wallet from exchanges like Coinbase or Binance, or buy SOL directly using MoonPay integrated within SolFlare (Metaroids) (Trust Website).
  2. Staking and Using dApps:

    • Stake SOL: SolFlare supports native staking. You can stake SOL directly within the wallet for passive income.
    • Interact with dApps: Use SolFlare to connect with various Solana-based decentralized applications, allowing you to swap tokens, manage NFTs, and more (Metaroids).

Finding High ROI Meme Coins on DexScreener or Dextools

  1. Using DexScreener:

    • Trending Coins: Start by checking the trending coins section on DexScreener. Filter through time frames to identify coins gaining traction (Solana Geek).
    • Coin Overview: Click on coins of interest to view detailed information, including price, market cap, and top traders. Use this data to assess potential investments.
    • New Pairs: Explore the new pairs section to find recently launched tokens. Be cautious as new pairs can be high risk (Solana Geek) (NewsBTC).
  2. Using Dextools:

    • Real-Time Charts and Data: Dextools provides real-time charts and historical data. Utilize this to track price movements and trading volumes of meme coins.
    • Social Media Integration: Verify the legitimacy of coins by checking their social media presence directly from Dextools (Solana Geek).

Avoiding Honeypots and Rug Pulls

  1. Research and Verification:

    • Check Contract Addresses: Always verify the contract address from official sources such as the project's Twitter page. Avoid using copy-pasted addresses from unofficial sources.
    • Analyze Holder Distribution: Avoid coins where a few wallets hold a significant portion of the supply. This is a red flag for potential rug pulls (Trust Website).
  2. Use Tools for Safety:

    • RugCheck: Utilize tools like RugCheck to assess the legitimacy of new meme coins. This tool can help identify potential scams by analyzing token contracts and activity (Trust Website).
    • Stay Informed: Engage with the community and stay updated on the latest trends and warnings about potential scams (NewsBTC).

By following these steps, you can effectively use SolFlare for managing your Solana-based assets and leverage platforms like DexScreener and Dextools to identify and invest in high ROI potential meme coins while minimizing the risk of falling for scams. 

Always perform thorough research (DYOR) and use trusted tools to safeguard your investments.

David Jamison Florida Djamoney on StockTwits

David Jamison, aka "DJamoney"

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More Tools, Platforms and Processes to use:

Tools & Platforms: 

Several tools can aid in cryptocurrency research and due diligence. Here are some of the top ones:

CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko:

These platforms provide comprehensive data on cryptocurrency prices, market capitalization, trading volume, and historical price charts. They also offer information about the teams behind the projects and links to their official websites.


CryptoCompare offers real-time and historical data on cryptocurrency prices, trading volumes, and market trends. It also provides detailed information about individual coins, including their technology, development activity, and community engagement.


Messari is a research and data platform focused on crypto assets. It provides in-depth profiles of cryptocurrencies, including key metrics, project details, and market analysis. Messari also offers tools for comparing different assets and tracking their performance.CoinMetrics: CoinMetrics offers blockchain analytics and data insights for cryptocurrencies. It provides metrics such as on-chain transaction volume, network activity, and mining statistics, allowing users to conduct deep analysis of individual assets.


Many cryptocurrency projects host their code repositories on GitHub. By reviewing a project's GitHub repository, you can assess the activity level of its development team, examine the quality of the code, and track the progress of upcoming releases.

Crypto Twitter, StockTwits and Forums: 

Following influential figures in the cryptocurrency space on Twitter and participating in forums like Reddit's r/cryptocurrency can provide valuable insights and discussion about emerging trends, project updates, and market sentiment.


Reading the whitepapers of cryptocurrency projects is essential for understanding their technology, use cases, and underlying principles. Whitepapers typically provide detailed explanations of the project's objectives, technical architecture, and economic model.

Token Terminal: 

Token Terminal offers financial metrics and analysis for decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. It provides data on metrics such as revenue, earnings, and growth rates, allowing users to evaluate the financial performance of DeFi protocols.


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