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Find ALL of the Information below that I have shared with you about the "Shared Premium Services" that I have presented to you all.

Welcome Team 10!

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So what is the "Shared Premium Services" that we are participating in?

The straightforward, simple answer is this: 

We are going to have a (What Weiss Crypto Investor describes as:)

Crypto Wonders Recommendation Service that is offered by Martin Weiss, Juan Villaverde & Dr. Bruce NG 

It is a Next Level Program that is offered to subscribers of the Weiss Crypto Investors Newsletter Service. (That I subscribe to)

Existing subscribers get $1000 off of the service. So as a result of me being a current subscriber, we will save $1000.

The Service has a myriad of extended services that are part of the package and it will be described below.

I will also give you all the LINK to visit the actual page so you can see what it is all about.


The Reason that I presented it to a handful of you, is those of you that are receiving this are very active on StockTwits and the Discord that I am one of the Cloud Analysts in. And I did not want to broadcast it out to the masses. And I am sure that Weiss would frown upon me "Giving Away" their Premium Services. The "Shared Service" is just my "CHEAP" way of getting the information and then allowing us all to equally share in the value and benefits of the service and recommendations. It will also allow us to have discussions about participating in specific Pre-Launches, ICOs and Airdrops. Some of you may have more experience that others with these types of plays.

I will get into more of the details of how I see us leveraging the information as a group later down below.


By being part of the group, we will house the information on my Personal Discord that all of you will be invited to.

(That information will all be in the SIGN UP Section Below)



Even thought the information will come directly to me, I will immediately disseminate the information to you all via Email, SMS and will also have a Webhook in the discord to pipe the information into a CHANNEL Titled: "CryptoJamz Shared Services Channel"

We will have the Discord available, but it will not operate as an ACTIVE Discord the way that some of us have experienced in the past.

There will be times that we may all be in the Discord together to discuss things and we will also have a Private Facebook Group in the event that we might want to have discussions, trainings or other conversations about specific plays that are presented to us in the service as well as other plays (long and short) that we are participating in. The Group 10 can become whatever we want it to.

But the REAL VALUE of this SHARED Service is that each of us are going to get anywhere from 36 to 50 or more "professionally vetted" pre-launch plays that Juan and Dr. Bruce have personally selected. On top of that... every single play that we receive, Martin Weiss

(the owner of the Investment Advice Publishing Group), will be investing his OWN Money in every single recommendation.  

As will Juan and Dr. Bruce. Do we have to invest in every single one? That will be totally up to each individual.

I will cover below, how I foresee me possibly investing in each or select pre-launch plays. But each of us will operate autonomously as we are doing now. No strings, no pressure. We will each use our own gut and wallet to dictate our level of activity and participation.

Here is information about the Service Directly from Martin Weiss and their emails & sales pages that were sent to me and current subscribers to their level 1 service.

Martin Weiss


Just look at what’s happening:

In just the last few weeks, over $34 billion has poured into the spot Bitcoin ETFs recently approved by the SEC, creating a surge in Bitcoin demand like none other.

At the same time, this month, new Bitcoin supplies will be cut in half due to the halving, an inevitable, unstoppable event.

So, it should come as no surprise that even some of the most conservative analysts say Bitcoin could surpass $100,000 this year.

But I think they’re losing sight of the truly big news.

The far bigger rises we’ve already seen in newer cryptos that typically go up far more than Bitcoin during this phase of a bull market.

We call this phase a Crypto Superboom …

And in a prior cycle, thousands of new cryptos rose 205 times more than Bitcoin’s own spectacular gains.

On average!

Hard to believe? When I first saw that number, I certainly thought so.

But the facts are facts:

During that prior crypto superboom, the average gains in all 3,166 cryptocurrencies in our database — including all winners and losers — was 264,812%.

That was 205x better than Bitcoin’s own impressive gain of 1,290% during the same period.

And now, the markets are telling us another new crypto superboom has just begun.

But to seize this moment, you need to look beyond Bitcoin, even beyond popular coins that have been in the news.

You need to explore a sector of the crypto world that most investors have never heard of — new cryptos that are about to burst out of the digital shadows.

And as a Weiss Ratings Member, you can be among the first to learn exactly what, why and how — at our critically timed briefing with me and my lead crypto analyst, Juan Villaverde.

At this members-only event you discover …

  • 4 reasons why this newest Crypto Superboom could be among the biggest.
  • Real cases of 96 coins that outperformed Bitcoin by a MINIMUM of 10,000%
  • Juan’s backdoor method for buying the hottest coins long before most investors get the chance — and for much less. With these lower entry prices, it would have been possible to multiply their already excellent gains by 15x, 80x, 226x, 441x and even more.
    Exciting details on Juan’s top 3 coins to buy immediately.
  • If you’re serious about an opportunity to multiply your profits in what promises to be a truly memorable superboom phase, be sure to watch this urgent conference for Weiss Members only.

One word of warning: This briefing is extremely time-sensitive.

If history is any guide, I think it’s safe to say that only those who act quickly on the information revealed will be among the first to seize the very best opportunities.

So, click to watch it now while you still can.
(Button Below)

Good luck and God bless!

Martin Weiss
Martin D. Weiss, PhD
Weiss Ratings Founder

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My Email originally sent to Matt J. (Prospective Member)

Discord Username: DisFUNKtional1

David Jamison aka DJamoney on StockTwits


So the short version of this is:

I am a Member of the Weiss Crypto Investor Service. Super Cheap... But immensely helpful.

It is pretty low level so I do not think I have really SECURED any wins from it
But for the LESS INFORMED it would be Life Changing. (ARB, RNDR, SOL, MATIC etc.) Was already in them.

But there is MUCH other good information in the Level 1 Service on Bitcoin Halving, Timing Cycles, the 320 Day Cycle, Pinpointing the beginning of Bull ALT Season as well as BTC Sell Cycles...etc.

I was going back and forth with Juan (Juan Villaverde) on X / Twitter

He was trying to see if I wanted to do a PAID Trading Service where they handle my account.

"Weiss Trading Platform" / Shared REVENUE

I told him NO, and told him what I was HOLDING and how I trade and he said...

Dude, You do not need this Service. You are FAR Beyond this. (Nice complement from an Expert)

So I began to share with him a few of the PLAYS I am digging into and he said they have a service called "Weiss Crypto Wonders" that pretty much does the DIGGING on Play Recommendations that I was asking him about.

https://IO.net > Launches 4/28/2024

And then
https://GPU.net  (not sure of TOKEN Status / Availability yet)

And lastly...

What I am thinking about doing is this:

The Service is $3500 But they give us 3 Plays + a Month + a whole plethora of other services.

All Plays can be from 10X to 1000X Speculative Stuff... But ZERO Garbage.

It is Juan and his Sidekick Dr. Bruce NG (an actual Rocket Scientist / Mathematician) 
(both are part of the Weiss Investment Team:)

Juan M. Villaverde

Dr. Bruce Ng
About the Editor
When econometrician and pro trader Juan M. Villaverde first applied his algorithms to Bitcoin years ago, he discovered a regular cyclical pattern. And he has since used it to build the world’s first crypto timing model based on cycles. Thanks to his analysis, the Weiss Ratings team has accurately picked the top and bottom of major crypto booms and busts.

>>> I am thinking about assembling a GROUP of us.

10 would be IDEAL, and we would SHARE the FEE and I would disseminate the INFORMATION to all of us via our OWN Private Discord. ZERO Intention of opening it up.

Just us (the 10), for OUR own Benefit.

I am thinking it would run us about $350 each per year, as the Service is $3500 per year.

With 36 Plays + per year + a few BONUS Extra Plays

+ More Importantly, they are TELLING us when to ADD / Subtract

+ Most IMPORTANTLY... Juan's SERVICE at large has CALLED the BOTTOMS and the TOPS of the last 3 Cycles.

So we would SIMPLY Wait for the WORD on when to SELL.

Whether it is BITCOIN or the ALTS.

Let me know your THOUGHTS.

I will SHARE the LIST of possible TEAM Candidates with you.

And will share you with them as well.

It is ONLY going to be available to PEOPLE that I think are DEADLY Serious. NO Clowns, and each of us will have a ROLE.

But NO heavy lifting or real time requirement. Just acting on the plays that each individual chooses to participate in.

Even though in this SCENARIO it should be LIGHT or Non-Existent since they are DOING the Dirty Work for us.

And with you doing your BUSINESS, it would be PERFECT for you.

And it SOLVES my Dilemma of Finding another me.

*  Since they are PROBABLY Me on STEROIDS 10X Over!

Let me know your THOUGHTS!

Talk Soon!

David Jamison / Djamoney (StockTwits)

Here is the Iink to their PAGE. Do not do anything with their Page. We will use my CHECKOUT Page to pay the 1/10 of the fee.

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205X Better than Bitcoin

In a prior crypto superboom, the AVERAGE new crypto rose 205x more than Bitcoin. Here are the new cryptos we’re betting on in the SuperBoom that’s just begun.

In New Crypto Wonders, your editors Juan Villaverde and Dr. Bruce Ng zoom in on this small group of unique, rare cryptos. They identify the ones that are best positioned to burst out of the digital shadows and become part of the next generation of leaders. And they use the proprietary Crypto Timing Model to select the best times to buy and sell them.

We’re talking about cryptos that are still small and trading for pennies, but that could collectively create even more wealth than Bitcoin ... and do so much more rapidly.

CryptoJamz Team 10: Here is the Details and the Checkout is below...

Shared Services "Crypto Wonders" Benefits to each of us for only $350 Each (1 Time Fee) Zero Ongoing Subscription Costs.

Blow-out profit potential with 52 weeks of trade alerts. In a prior crypto superboom, thousands of newer cryptos beat Bitcoin’s great gains by an average of 205-to-one. Today, our picks of the best new crypto wonders seem to be on a similar path.

Big profit multiplier: How to buy them for 80%, 90%, or even 99% less than others will pay.
The TOP “Crypto Wonders” for this new phase of the bull market: The best coins with the highest growth potential, long before most investors ever hear of them.

Exclusive access to our Crypto Wonders Price Index, updated in real time, to help track and PREDICT the next move in new crypto wonders.

Specialized one-on-one tech support ($5,000 value) FREE with your membership.

$350 in Ethereum sent to your address: In the last cycle, this alone could have easily covered the entire cost of the service. (Djamoney coordination / sharing bonus)

VIP Loyalty Discount for Weiss Ratings Members only: Others will pay at least $4,500, already a big saving from the $7,000 retail price. But if you respond today, you can take off an ADDITIONAL $1,000. Your cost: $3,500.

Our promise: (Weiss Crypto Wonders / Weiss Ratings)

Make at least 10-fold gains on at least one of the crypto wonders or receive a second year FREE.

+ (From David Jamison) 

I will also SHARE my Level 1 Weiss Crypto Investors Content with you all as well.

  • Monthly Newsletter
Weiss Crypto Investor Newsletter - Feb 2024
  • Periodic Alerts from Weiss & Juan Villaverde
  • The Crypto Rating System
Crypto Rating System
  • Other Resources that are available at my current LEVEL
    • Bitcoin Timing Guide: PDF and numerous other SPECIAL Reports
Weiss Crypto Special Reports

Massive Value "AND" Potentially MASSIVE GAINS for Us!


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As a rule, the more complicated something is, the more I am drawn to it. So Digging in to Crypto and the Blockchain was a Welcome Challenge. Learning Trading Strategies, Charting and Technical Analysis always came easy to me.

But my Real Passion is Finding Great Crypto Tech that has a Strong Future and Upside and the REAL Challenge... Finding them EARLY to maximize opportunity.

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