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Team 10 Introduction: I will cover everything that you all will have access to, including the "Shared Services" i.e. Weiss New Crypto Wonders Content from Juan Villaverde & Dr. Bruce Ng as well as ALL Future Content Published. You will have ACCESS to "SHARED SERVICES" for 1 Year and as a FOUNDER, you will have access to ALL of the COURSE Content for Life.

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Course / Content Instructor:David Jamison > aka "DJamoney" on StockTwits.comStarted Exploring and Buying Crypto in 2017. Bought BTC, ETH, XRP.Profited Heavily during 2020 Bullrun after a Ton of Trial & Error.2024: Turning 100K into a 7 + Figure Portfolio!

Course List:

  1. Introduction to the BLOCKCHAIN
  2. Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
  3. Explaining Crypto to a 5th Grader
  4. Explaining Crypto to a Novice Enthusiast
  5. Difference between Coins & Tokens
  6. Researching Cryptocurrencies
  7. How to do Research & Due Diligence ("Our" Best Practices")
  8. Building a Crypto Portfolio
  9. Building an ALTCOIN "LOTTO" Portfolio
  10. The Bitcoin Halving Cycles
  11. Bitcoin Timing Cycles (320/80 Day)
  12. How to Find "Hidden Gems"
  13. When to Start Scouring the Market for Low Cap, Beaten Down GEMS before the BTC Halving Cycle! (Tip: Fall Season prior to BTC Halving)
  14. How to Trade What You OWN! (3 Bucket System, Top to Bottom, Open Lane Trading)
  15. The Never Ending "DRY POWDER" Generation System
  16. What Sources are Worthy to Get Enhanced Research with "Hidden Gems"
  17. Post Bitcoin & Altcoin BULL RUN Process: "Know when to Holdem, Know when to Foldem" (SELLING AT THE TOP)
  18. Starting the Process ALL Over!
  19. Turning 10K into $1,000,000! (2 Year Process)
  20. Using Defi, Liquid Staking & Restaking to Profit from Foundational Holdings.
  21. Buying OFF Exchange (Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, UniSwap and Others)

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